Working Times

I am available for Toilet Breaks, Walking, and Drop Ins Monday - Friday from 7:00AM to 7:00PM.

Weekend and Bank Holiday Services are scheduled subject to my availability.

Doggie Taxi Service is scheduled subject to my availability. Scheduling arrangements can be made at any time via telephone or email.

  • Consultation

    Your initial consultation is free of charge. During this time, Lisa will meet with you at your home in order to answer any questions you may have, discuss which service option will best fulfil your needs, and meet your dog!

  • Toilet Break

    The Toilet break service is ideal for those clients who are unable to make it home during the day. I will stop in for fifteen minutes to let your dog out for a toilet break and a quick sniff, scratch, and stroll around the garden.

  • Dog Walking

    It is well known that a regularly exercised dog is more likely to be a happy and well behaved dog. I offer thirty minute and one hour walks. Water will be provided as needed during the walk, with a fresh bowl at home following the walk. Treats will also be given if allowed and dog mess will be bagged and disposed of on all walks. Time stated is the full walk transport time does not get taken into account, precious care of your beloved pet will always be given.

  • Doggie Drop In

    Why board your dog while you are away when your dog can enjoy all the comforts of home with several daily visits from me instead. This service provides one morning toilet break with breakfast, one mid-afternoon half-hour walk, one late afternoon toilet break with dinner, and one bed time toilet break. I will be happy to bring in the mail, feed the fish, and take care of any other requests to ensure that you have a hassle free holiday.

  • In Home Dog Sitting

    Unfortunately due to commitments with regular clients on a daily basis I cannot offer day/night in home dog sitting, Doggie Drop In service is still provided for an alternative option to this service.

  • Doggie Taxi

    We all know that sometimes there just is not enough time in the day. The doggie Taxi service allows you to keep that appointment at the vet or the groomer even when you are unable to make it yourself.

    service cost price list

    All services can include a txt, phone call or email whilst I am there or soon after my visit. A photo can also be sent when available to give reassurance that your pet is extra happy whilst you are away.

    If you require any other service that is not listed above please contact me as I'm sure it can be catered for.

    The services above are on the basis you have a well behaved dog, if your dog does have any behaviour issues please mention this when contacting me, along with any serious medical conditions your dog may have.

    For insurance purposes I cannot be held responsible for any actions made by a dog that is stated in the dangerous dogs act... ### PLEASE CONTACT FOR SPECIFIED DOGS ### precautions will be made so no such mishaps should ever occur, please also let me know prior to the consultation if you dog is part of this list.